Twilight’s Ass Master

Twilight's Ass Master

Tony is enjoying the show Twilight Starr is putting on for him. He watches the bouncing boobs of this buxotic dish as she jiggles and shakes her fat 38G tits in his face.

Twilight gets pleasure when men admire those jugs. She's quite proud of them and always stuffs them into something sexy, like the top she's wearing here. Tony approves her pride in her bazooms by shoving his face between them for a motorboat ride.

Twilight's also proud of her big butt. Tony approves that as well by burying his face deep inside her ass-crack. That gets a big "ooh" from Twilight. She thinks he's a dirty guy. That's good because she gets a kick out of dirty guys, like most sex-crazy girls. He fingers Twilight's asshole as a prelude to an eventual full-scale ass-invasion.

Twilight knows how to dress. She's wearing tight, pink booty shorts, a blue tank and skyscraper fuck-me shoes. It's the oversexed college coed look and Tony approves that also. He's ready to plow Twilight into the next room by this point.

Twilight gives him a knockout blow-job after the ass play. She can really slurp down the horn all the way to the root. He tit-fucks her next and then plunges deep into her tight cunt. Twilight's pussy gives way to his ram which is lubed from her mouth. Hot fucking is Twilight's middle name. Banging her is an adventure.

The studio always asks a model if she likes anal play. We know Twilight is an anal goddess from previous visits but we asked anyway. "I'm getting screwed in my ass today so I guess I like it! Haha!" said Twilight. Once Twilight's culo was penetrated and pounded, the screaming started. The editors could hear the hollering through the wall. The hills were alive with the sounds of her ass-mastering by the ass master.

Why is back-door sex so popular today? It may be because it's sex in its most raw form, it's still in the forbidden zone, it's still not common, and a girl who has anal sex is someone eager to try new things and feel good about it.

Another nut-buster from big-boobed, big-assed Twilight Starr. She brings joy to the world. It takes a special kind of girl to get ass-fucked in videos and photos.

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