Aug 162022
Bath, Boobs & Beyond

Anna Carlene has got to be one of the cleanest girls in Europe. She's always taking extremely long bubble baths.

Her thick plastic cock-toy takes the place of a rubber ducky and is a lot more fun when she's rubbing her clit with it, squeezing her pussy while she's thrusting it in and out.

Anna's hobbies are sewing, shopping and dancing. She watches porn at home and gets off on showing her tits and ass. She likes looking at other big-titted models and seeing what they're up to.

Anna has a pixie-like appearance and soft, babydoll voice. She stays home a lot, but when she goes out she likes to wear low-cut tight tops and tight shorts. A chick like her needs a bodyguard, that's for sure. She's short and stacked and packs a lot of heat.

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