May 052022
Molly Evans: I've Got A Secret

Molly Evans is a talented, playful and huggable teen dream. The teen-tit club is all about girls who started with The SCORE Group at eighteen or nineteen, such as Kerry Marie, Sharday and Nicole Peters. Molly is a perfect addition.

XLGIRLS: Molly, do you exercise, do Yoga or dance?

Molly Evans: Yes, I started to go in for sports again and I was thinking about horseback riding. I love being a rider.

XLGIRLS: Do other girls ever comment on your breasts or ask you questions?

Molly Evans: Of course. Not everyone has such breasts. Everyone is shocked when my boobs come out but they comment in different ways. Sometimes they want to either hug me or touch them.

XLGIRLS: Do your friends call you by any special names?

Molly Evans: Oh, yeah, basically it's "Busty, busty, milking girl with wide eyes," "Titty shaking" or "Big boobs."

XLGIRLS: We wish they had big boobs like you have. Thanks for being you, Molly.

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