Aug 032017
Plump Pleaser

Amiee Roberts has the kind of looks, body and boobs that guys into full-figured women crave. Instead of making up a bunch of garbage about an XL Girl, we like to ask them questions whenever possible and get real. So it was with Amiee.

XL Girls: What's the most-satisfying sex toy you've ever used?

Amiee: Besides my fingers, definitely a vibrator.

XL Girls: Are you called by any pet names?

Amiee: Honey, cutie, or goddess.

XL Girls: Do you like to talk dirty in bed?

Amiee: At times. I think role playing can be fun and arousing as well!

XL Girls: What is the craziest thing you've ever done in bed, either alone or with a boyfriend?

Amiee: I've masturbated while a guy was having his cock sucked by another woman.

XL Girls: How much attention do you like a man to give your breasts in bed?

Amiee: A lot. A guy sucking on my nipples can totally turn me on and get me going.

XL Girls: Have your breasts ever fallen out of your top in public?

Amiee: No, but that is a fear of mine.

XL Girls: Have you gone bra shopping with a boyfriend? Did you let him in the dressing room?

Amiee: If I had a boyfriend right now, I would consider letting him in the dressing room, but I have not yet.

XL Girls: Do you like bikinis?

Amiee: I do like bikinis but I don't wear them in public. I usually wear one-pieces.

XL Girls: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or naked?

Amiee: I sometimes watch shows in just my tank top and panties but if it's really hot, I just take the tank top off.

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