Tickling the Ivories

Tickling the Ivories

Smiley Emma is at the piano tickling the ivories. She tickles other ivories as well. The pretty Canadian is definitely the bustiest pianist we've ever had the pleasure to ogle. She's also excellent at playing her Canadian cymbals. The clapping sound they make is pure breast music.

XLGirls: What do you do to take care of your boobs?

Smiley Emma: I lotion every day after my shower, and I need a lot of lotion on my boobs, so I'll put some lotion all over them and I'll rub them. And I'll do some exercises. I can flex my pec muscles, so I can actually move my boobs. [She takes out her tits and demonstrates] That's my talent!

XLGirls: How did you become a hot model?

Smiley Emma: I'm kind of an exhibitionist. I hate clothes.

XLGirls: What are the best and worst compliments you've ever received?

Smiley Emma: I would say the worst was someone telling me they're too big. I'm like, "How can they be too big?" Especially because they're all-natural. And the best is being told that they're nice and full and round and I have really nice nipples for such big boobs. Although you usually see large nipples on large boobs, I always get told that I have really nice nipples.

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