Jun 212018
Super-natural Wonders: Eva Berg

Our mystery woman of the year, if not the decade, is Eva Berg, a quiet brunette with a shy smile, who is not one to talk about herself. Eva's personal philosophy is to walk softly, talk softly, if at all, and wear a gigantic bra to support her totally enormous boobs.

Eva lifts up her blouse to reveal her incredible tits encased in a lacey, purple bra. She does a 360-degree turn to look at herself in the mirror before facing the camera again. Rubbing and jiggling her boobs in her bra, Eva does the big reveal at 3:40 into this video, and a BIG reveal it is.

Eva dangles them, the camera in close, pulls off her top and shakes and rubs her massive flesh-pillows. Then she unhooks her hooter-holster so she can clap her colossal jugs together and tweak her innies. This is a woman that mother nature made for breast purists.

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