Aug 042017
Tease & Titillate

Sweet, young and eager-to-please, chesty chubbette Monica Love has expanded her boundaries and sexual interests since she began modeling at XL Girls. She's been the submissive sexbomb in her earlier sex play. Here she takes the lead and has her way with Tom.

Tease and titillate is the method lovely Monica has chosen to handle him. Her full, ripe, big, natural tits hover over him as she sucks his cock to the root, getting every inch into her mouth and savoring the taste. Her dangling breasts are inches from his face and he must suck them or go insane.

Sucking and getting sucked get Monica worked up. She needs that stiffie in her pussy-pie so she can ride it to her satisfaction. "I have changed so much since I became a model," said Monica. "The sex I have now is so much better and imaginative because of what I learned and was taught. I like to think about what I have done, alone or with men like Tom and Steve. But not every guy a girl meets is a porn star in the bedroom."

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