Claudia Marie – HUGE Tits!

Claudia Marie Huge Fake Tits Escort
Jun 182020
BONUS CANDID PHOTOS: At Home With Emma Lilly

"There is very little, short of a turtleneck, that doesn't emphasize my breasts," Emma Lilly wrote. "I do like to show off a little if I'm going out for a girls night out. Anything low-cut with a push-up bra does the trick. Boobs are great. I know people like looking at them and if that happens to score me a free drink or two, I consider that a win/win.

"I get the most comments about my breasts from other women. Female friends, coworkers, and even bosses have mentioned their size to me. Never in a negative way though. It's mostly awe when they realize how big they are or asking if I'd be willing to share. I think it's funny, and it's always nice to be reminded that everyone wants what they can't have."

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